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A New Year’s Resolution

Originally I had resolved not to procrastinate, however, it is too late for that. Instead I have decided to live by the four agreements as put forth by Don Miguel Ruiz in his book of the same name. It really comes to a lot more than four so in the following song, I have listed what I would like to do for this year. It is inspired by the book, “the Four Agreements” and the divination cards of the same name and with liberties taken by me.

The Four Agreements ~ Ron van Nostrand  January 2014 based on the book, “The Four Agreements”  by Don Miguel Ruiz

I’m taking my life and enjoying it, by always doing my best, just because I want to,

Even though my best is changing all the time.

I’m honoring myself by loving and nurturing my body and expressing my divinity

By taking action on my ideas, without expecting rewards

All the while staying in the moment and letting go of the past while remembering

Not to over due….. Agreed….. Agreed

Yes, I’m saying goodbye to sadness and drama, by speaking open and honestly,

Communicating with clarity and being myself.

I’m learning to ask questions, which help me to discern the truth, assuming nothing,

Asking for what I want, while eliminating gossip and if I can master this practice, I know

My life will be transformed….Agreed….Agreed

I will enjoy heaven on earth and become the white magician who creates a beautiful dream

If I express my love by letting go of self judgment and speaking with integrity, impeccably

Without feeling that I must always be right.

In so doing I will manifest my truest intentions…Agreed…..Agreed

And in the knowing that everyone lives in their own dream, I will try to see them as they are,

And become immune to any opinions which contain emotional poison.

And in the realization that my truth is personal to me, I will learn to love and respect myself

Even as I relinquish self importance and in this way

I will transform my life….Agreed….Agreed

Agreed….Agreed        Agreed….Agreed    Agreed….Agreed         Agreed