Profound thought number 2 in an infinite series

Watching television news for me is sometimes a very scary proposition. All the stories about ISIS, serial killers and super storms cause me great apprehension. Then I go into my attic and see that there is a much better chance of all the stuff I have stored above my living space crushing me than any of the aforementioned leading to my demise. The saddest part is that I really do have the ability to change that situation and don’t, yet spend so much time worrying about the aforementioned things with which I can exercise little or no control.

2 thoughts on “Profound thought number 2 in an infinite series

  1. P.f.

    So, I think I have found a solution to your query regarding the stuff in your attic and the ISIS problem.
    From what I understand they (ISIS) is now destroying all artifacts in their attempt to remove the world of false Gods. If you should in fact be attacked by ISIS, I’m sure that once they see the stuff in your attic they will destroy it and solve your problem regarding your storage problem. Of course what they do with you and yours could be a new problem.


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