(The Words) Olive Trees

New issue now available!

In the ‘zine’ Olive Trees, I’d like to expose you to art, literature and editorial comment, which I am proud to be the editor for the last 26 years. At some date I am hoping to turn this “zine” into it’s own web-site, possibly even a pod cast.

Olive Trees Cover, Issue 1, 1986

test text of the olive trees magazine if you really car. but sometimes zI don’t
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If you wish to obtain any old issues (which will be previewed here eventually) please stuff a donation of two bucks for shipping and handling of each issue in an envelope and send it to:

Olive Trees144 Genesee St., Suite 123
Auburn, NY 13021

Please include the number of the issue you would like to receive. Also if you would like to send something to be published in an upcoming issue send it to the same address.

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