Monthly Archives: April 2013

Sound Surfing

Hello my name is Ron Van Nostrand. For the purposes of the web site once you
know that all you have to do is add .com and you’re here. For some time  I’ve
resisted  being a presence on the internet, mostly because I would have to
define myself in some way.

I was reading an article in the Science of the mind this morning about “going
with the flow.” It stated that even dead fish go with the flow. The secret was
to ride on top of the current like a surfer rides a wave.  Following the course
of the wave, yet still being somewhat in control of the experience.

At this point a discussion began about how much easier it is to create
something new than replicating something that is already been done (unless you
have a 3-D printer.) It was then that I realized exactly who or what I am. I am
a “Sound Surfer.”

Originally this started by playing with a group of friends where we set loose
boundaries and let the music take us wherever it flowed. I am fortunate to
continue in this tradition as a member of the band “A Flock of Free Range
Children” and honored that they allow me to provide lyrical content in our
salute to our muse.

Now I have always been a bit concerned about spending a lot of time on
computers for health reasons and like video games web-surfing can be quite
addicting and prevent one from experiencing the beauty outside the back door
(or front door.) So I hope if you’re going to be on anyway you will join me.

Until we meet in cyber-space again just think of me as “The Sound Surfer,”
searching for the underlying rhythm of each of life’s wave in which to ride
through eternity.

Breath Deep, Seek Peace (a message brought to you by dolphins everywhere.)

Ron Van Nostrand