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Bringer of Light

I have been thinking about having a web-site since I purchased my first Gateway computer many years ago. I wanted to call it after the ‘zine’ I publish, but unfortunately that domain name was gone even then. When I first looked to see what it was, it was a live camera that was focused on the gates of Jerusalem where the owners of the domain expected the “Second Coming of Jesus” to occur. I hadn’t checked it recently, but upon examination discovered it to be a site for the purchasing of olive trees. I will have to wait for a little more climate change before I buy any myself. Apparently the original proprietors got tired of waiting for Him to show and gave up. Either that or they went into the tree business to bring a more substantial income.

In a conversation the other day with a friend, we were discussing today’s world and the way that some people treat others. This led to the subject of what Jesus would think about all of this if he was to return today. It reminded me of a song I wrote a while ago on this very subject. This may be a problem familiar to many prophets, usually until after their death and their message has been made less threatening to those in power.  I would like to share it with you now. It is entitled, “Bringer of Light.”

“He was cast up on a hillside and ministered to by angels who taught him of a better life,                  far from the clattering clutter of the people below.

And when his time was ready, he was sent back among the people, to speak the truth and teach the law and mark it with an O for the infinite eternity it is.

But when he placed his truth upon a lamp stand, to shine for all the world below,                                    arose a clamor among the people, “Turn off that cursed light, we’re trying to sleep.”

Of course we may never know if or when Jesus might return as the camera is now turned off, but I did encounter a bumper sticker the other day that proclaimed that “You’ve Got a Friend With Jesus in America.” So he may be living in your neighborhood, incognito, biding His time while getting his press kit together for a full-on media blitz. But that’s a different song.

And on a related note, “just in case of the rapture, can I have your car?” (Bourke’s bumper sticker)

Have a Happy and a Blessed New Year,