Nokus for December 12th


The woodpecker knocks

“Come in,” I jest

“Eventually,” it replies


Bills pile up!

The need to make and spend more, me

I can’t afford not to have fun


We were brought to a land of immeasurable beauty

But chose only to see

The ugliness


A murder of crows arrive


Expounding the virtue of ‘natural law’


Looking at the clouds, I cry

“There is no sun!”

Unaware of what lies above



2 thoughts on “Nokus for December 12th

  1. Lewis Lombardoni

    Hey Ron, The snow here is abundant and beautiful. I’ be been fortunate to see Dan almost every Sunday at frog hollow.Thank you for the copy of Olive Tree. What caught my eye is a song by Rodger Walters ,the
    Ballad of Mike Lavoisie . I miss that talented roger Walters , is there a ballad of Roger Walters ? We did’nt
    Get a chance to talk but the universe is big we will at some point. You seem very busy, but you enjoy what your doing . God has opened my eyes to many new ways to look at life. I like Dan had cancer,
    Throat cancer. I have been clean for 5 years but for the rest of my life I need constant testing. God has
    Been merciful towards me. Life is truly amazing and wonderful, it took having cancer to show me that.
    By Gods Grace Dan may learn this ,I pray. We have a lot to share Ron. Send email I have pictures of Dan
    And other old photos.

    1. admin Post author

      I just found your comment from last year or maybe I already replied and forgot but in case I didn’t… Sorry about your cancer but I’m glad you’re clean. It was good to see you and sometime I’d love to sit down and have a chat and talk about our paths of life and where they’ve led.


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