Exciting News about the Word Revisited

The Cayuga Museum in partnership with Olive Trees and aaduna will kick-off a new community series exploring original writing in all its diverse, intriguing, provocative, and exciting forms.  Simply called word, revisited,” this bi-monthly series will present a featured writer, poet, and other creative individuals who primarily use words to define and construct their artistry and means of expression.

Starting in March 2017, “word, revisited” will enable participants to listen to, and then react to what they heard, what they felt, what moved them via a Q&A period with the presenter.  After a brief intermission, the stage will host an open mic period for further expressions of creativity. Sign up for this community “sharing” will occur at the door before the program starts and time limitations will be determined by the number of willing sharers.

Here are the details:

  • word, revisited” will occur on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month starting on March 9th and conclude its inaugural season on June 22nd
  • Each event will occur in Theater Mack, behind the Cayuga Museum
  • Admission will be $3/person.
  • Doors open at 5:30 PM (open mic sharers are encouraged to sign-in early for an available slot)
  • Program starts at 6 PM and the evening comes to closure at 8 PM (approximate ending.)
  • Wine and beer available for purchase with proper ID along with soft drinks.

2 thoughts on “Exciting News about the Word Revisited

  1. Pat Marren

    Hi Ron,
    All IS well here, for now! Sorry to hare about the events that delayed this issue of Olive Trees. It’s always something, isn’t it? Hope that things are in a better direction now. It’s been an unusual year for me, music wise, anyway. I went for a long time not seeing any bands (not including the local talent), then this year I see The Steve Miller Band, Peter Frampton, The Who, and finally Roger Waters. The Waters concert, for all intents and purposes, was a Pink Floyd concert. It also was the best concert I ever attended. Go if you get a chance. He played mostly the old stuff, which I was hoping for. He even played “Dogs” from the Animals album, a 17 minute piece. My favorite, too.

    “Insanity” was a great poem. “The Dreamers” was a good one as well. Why should they be asked to leave when they have lived here all their lives? Watching the daily drama of the Trump circus has been tiring. Afraid of what he might do next, especially after the remark he made yesterday about the “calm before the storm”. His regime could be classified as insanity too.

    Haven’t heard from Diane in awhile, although I could have visited with her when Kim’s band was here for a couple of gigs, my fault. Last I know, she is doing well, and even jogging. I’ll catch up with her eventually.

    Take care

    1. admin Post author

      Have you talked to Diane lately? I heard from her at the beginning of the pandemic and she was working on a writing project. I haven’t heard anything since.


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