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When In Doubt

when in doubt ~ Dan Cleveland

when in doubt
apply extra love
love is a verb
don’t forget that
when you doubt 
that the interdependent web 
will survive
the deceivers  
the greedy profiteers
the narcissistic  madmen
the fundamental extremist
the inhumane bits
of humanity…
when you doubt, vibrate 
your small corner 
of the interdependent web
the ones who speak truth
the ones who share
the ones who are humble 
the ones who listen
the ones who nurture
love is a verb
and don’t forget that

A Silver Lining

Although financially we have been prospering spiritually, many of us have suffered severe poverty of the soul and because of it in the pursuit of material happiness played a great part in the destruction of our planet. This may be the re-boot that we have needed to show each other acts of kindness. ~ Ron

Silver Lining by JRG

Spring of COVID-19

I hunker down

ease into new way of living

begin to see a silver lining

in all the inconvenience

anxiety, fear


people are kinder

offer assistance

family calls, checks in

more frequently

friends email

cheer me up

with jokes, funny stories


air is cleaner outside

with less traffic on my road

less toxic fumes circulate

it is quieter

I can hear small birds

trilling in trees

hear bees buzz

about the crocuses

in full bloom


I look up at the sky

not a single contrail

mars the azure blue

at night, no jet’s red lights

outshine the stars

it’s as I remember it

as a child- a magical blanket

of twinkling tapers


life is lived at a gentler

sensible tempo

no rushing here or there

with nowhere to go

no people to see

no scheduled events

or appointments to keep

there’s more time

to cook, clean, bake

organize, box things up

I no longer need or want


there’s more time now

to read, write

go for long walks in nature

meditate and pray

with pace more leisurely

my life is more sane

this is the silver lining

in COVID-19

Is there a lesson to be learned

in all of this?