(The Life) The Meditational Garden

I am also hoping to share with you helpful hints on ways to cope and understand
the world as I discover them. I make no promises that these will help you, but
they must work for someone. I’m actually going to try the following when I’m
done here.
Free Helpful Hint number 1: Just this morning I read that if you need to ground
yourself (like if you’re acting a little flighty) jump in place while holding
the top of your head.

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One thought on “(The Life) The Meditational Garden

  1. Sue Muldoon

    Lovely website.
    My Mom and Bob had a great to visiting with You and Toni as well.
    Hope you are enjoying the peace and tranquility this season brings.

    Know of any jobs for a passionate “community engagement and inclusion for all” activist?

    Your old pal,
    Sue Muldoon


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