The Medicine Wheel Labyrinth

Prayers from the Medicine Wheel

Prayer to the Grandmothers
Grandmothers, wise and loving ones, you who know:
The ways of Love.
The ways of Peace
The ways of Sustainability and Responsible Stewardship
The ways of Wisdom that keep us in Balance and Harmony with our Earth Mother – living
joyfully with all life.
The ways of the Rivers, Lakes, Oceans, the Trees, the Plants and Animals
The ways of the Natural Cycles, including the ways of the Sun and the Moon within the seasonal
The ways of the all the Planet and Stars,
The ways of the Seasons in cycles of Birth, Growth, Death and Rebirth
The ways of Light and Dark and the gifts that come from each.
The ways of Duality within Great Mystery and how to move beyond them. The ways of Magic
and Alchemy
The ways of Time and How to Create New Nurturing and Sustainable Timelines
The ways of Inspired Action through Love – Enhancing and Nurturing All Life The ways of
Health and Well-Being helping us to be the most Effective In Joyously Living our Life Purpose
in ways that foster strong community – nourishing and supporting everyone to thrive.
Sacred Grandmothers – Guide me with all your Wisdom to learn these ways, so that I now help
bring forth the New Earth within Me – wisely benefitting All Life Everywhere.
Within the Shamanic Astrology Paradigm Capricorn, is a culture-bearer sign, that has been
holding the distortions of the Patriarchy. At the Turning of the Ages the essence of Capricorn is
being remembered as Feminine as it is after all an Earth sign. When we engage the Capricorn
Mysteries we are in service to the Circle of Grandmothers, whose mission is to restore a human
culture in harmony with the Earth and the next seven (or several) generations. In 2004, the
Indigenous Council of Thirteen Grandmothers came together for the first time. The Circle of
Grandmothers was brought to life in a literal, embodied way. This is when humanity most needs
Capricorn Grandmother Wisdom fulfilling an ancient prophecy of peace and plenty for all when
the Wisdom of the Grandmothers is again honored and welcomed.
In 2020, The Great Planetary Alignment of Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn is all about
Grandmother and Elder Wisdom. The Circle of Grandmothers are at the helm of this Great
Turning of the Ages, hospicing the Death of the Old Culture and Midwifing the New Earth. By
attuning to our Grandmother Guides and the Grandmother Wisdom residing within each of us,
we will be powerfully guided and strengthened in our work to vision and create new sustainable
structures and culture to replace the dissolving cultures from before.
The Grandmothers Questions To Us…
• What is the impact of the Legacy you are leaving for this world? Is it sustainable, does it
create beauty?
• Does it empower people to be who they really are?
• • Is it kind, loving and forgiving?
• Are you creatively communicating your Legacy in joyful, fun and loving ways? • Are you
helping to restore your sacred relationship with the Earth, inspiring others to do the same?
• Are you wisely caring for your body your personal physical temple that you are living in in
this life?
• How does what you do affect your children, your children’s children and/or any children you
know and the generations that will follow?
• Are your actions supportive to the Earth, to all those around you, to those who follow in your
• Are you stepping up to consider how important taking loving inspired action is for you, the
Earth and the generations to follow?
• Are you calling on the wisdom of your ancestors helping to transform their trauma if there is
any, changing the legacy going forward so that it’s not old patterns of competition – killing off
our competition – killing off our world – killing off anything that feels threatening – whether
figuratively or literally.
• Do you have the Courage to do what feels most loving supportive and kind even when it goes
against the status quo?
The Grandmothers Final Questions
• Are you taking steps to change your perspective on who you are and the gifts you bring to this
• Are you willing to cultivate awareness around the ways you get triggered or hooked into an
emotional response that puts you in survival mode?
• The Grandmothers Remind Us: Awareness is the first step to changing your point of view and
when you change your point of view you change your life.
• When you become aware of fear driving your choices are you willing to make conscious
choices that are sustainable for your life and all those connected to you?
Ask the Grandmothers of loved ones (friends, family tribe) to be with them when they are
experiencing a healing crisis. You might be surprised by who shows up!
The Iroquois Confederacy and the U.S. Destiny:
In 1142 a Total Solar Eclipse swept across Canada and the Northeastern United States.
Soon after, the Iroquois Confederacy was formed.
The Confederacy was formed of five previously warring Nations: the Mohawk, Onandoga,
Oneida, Cayuga, and Seneca.
They were brought together under the counsel of the Peacemaker, who helped them develop the
Great Law of Peace.
In 1987, the United States Senate acknowledged that the Great Law of Peace of the Iroquois
Nations served as a model for the Constitution of the United States. (U.S. S. Con. Res. 76, 2 Dec.
The Iroquois Confederacy and the U.S. Destiny
The Great Law of Peace includes: freedom of speech, freedom of religion, the right of
women to participate in government, separation of powers, checks and balances within
government. A government “of the people, by the people by the people and for the people,”



Grandfather Sky,

I have walked out here on Mother Earth to speak to you about my purpose. Through a series of unintended events I have found myself here on this land praying to you for guidance. I will speak to you of my gratitude for having this day to touch the mother and sink my toes into her grass. I am thankful for each breath of air that fills my lungs, for the taste of the spirit of water in the bounty which has been provided for me on this day. I will give thanks for the fire of the sun and the light in my eyes. I am thankful to be able to feed from the earth’s abundance and so I can be strong and free from dis-ease.

Thank you for giving me the time to move through the phases of the moon until my lessons are learned.

I will stand here at the center of my world and be strong of body, wise of mind of heart. I will build the kingdom, speak the law, know the “Mother” and seek the “Father.”

But mostly I am here to pray. Pray for the enlightenment of the world to create a better understanding of our relationship as stewards of this earth, so we stop exploiting its resources and our brothers and sisters.

I will pray, but I will also sing and dance with joy in celebration of being a part of this creation.

~Hey-o    Ron

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