The Medicine Wheel Labyrinth

The Medicine Wheel is now open by reservation, 8 A.M. to 4 P.M., Mon – Fri.  from now to the last week in June

Prayers from the Medicine Wheel

Grandfather Sky,

I have walked out here on Mother Earth to speak to you about my purpose. Through a series of unintended events I have found myself here on this land praying to you for guidance. I will speak to you of my gratitude for having this day to touch the mother and sink my toes into her grass. I am thankful for each breath of air that fills my lungs, for the taste of the spirit of water in the bounty which has been provided for me on this day. I will give thanks for the fire of the sun and the light in my eyes. I am thankful to be able to feed from the earth’s abundance and so I can be strong and free from dis-ease.

Thank you for giving me the time to move through the phases of the moon until my lessons are learned.

I will stand here at the center of my world and be strong of body, wise of mind of heart. I will build the kingdom, speak the law, know the “Mother” and seek the “Father.”

But mostly I am here to pray. Pray for the enlightenment of the world to create a better understanding of our relationship as stewards of this earth, so we stop exploiting its resources and our brothers and sisters.

I will pray, but I will also sing and dance with joy in celebration of being a part of this creation.

~Hey-o    Ron

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