2 For The Fall = poems

2 for the fall of 2013 by Ron Van Nostrand


Let’s talk of Prisons

Let’s talk of prisons

Of how we all build our own

And before you know it, your there

You may not see the bars,

But you can still feel the chains around your ankles

That keep you from being free.

But if you were truly free, without boundaries

Where would you be?

Inside, outside, it’s all the same

Different perspective…but

We’re all doing time


Home On the Range of My Mind


Out there where the coyotes howl

Where in the tall grass the deer lie down

Where the song of the frog bellows into the night,

This is where I pause to dream.

Where the stars are fires in the midnight sky

And the moon’s face in the window hangs

Somewhere, round a fire, the cowboys sing

“Home on the Range” in my mind.


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